New Non-Surgical Technique Provides FAST Pain Relief For Frozen Shoulder, Knee Pain, and Shoulder Pain …

8 months ago Jerry had an accident while riding his horse. He was unable to raise his right arm above the level of his shoulder without using his left hand. He was convinced that shoulder surgery was going to be his only help. After only 2 visits with Dr. Ronald Adams Jerry can not only raise his arm, he has regained 90% of his strength back. Listen to his story.

So What Exactly Is This Treatment?

Our non-surgical treatment consists of laser-enhanced muscle functional neurology. Using an advanced muscle testing procedure we are able to identify areas of muscle and nerve imbalance and weakness in the body. After identifying weaknesses in the involved muscles (whether it be shoulder related, knee related or hip related), the doctor uses a series a manual muscle treatments assisted by a cutting edge Class IV laser that helps promote pain relief and tissue healing. The result is a near instant reduction of pain.